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Klaveness Maritime Agency, Incorporated was initially established in Manila In 1984 to meet the seastaff needs of its Principal, initially, Torvald Klaveness & Co. A/S of Oslo.

With long years of experience in crew manning operation, KMA, with its highly efficient and dedicated team, has developed expertise in this business and has continually met the requirements of its Principals.

The company continuously pursue and impart to its seastaff a fleet wide Zero Accident Campaign supported by Culture of Safety as well Health Improvement Program, thereby effectively preventing accident, injuries, illnesses on board and ensuring safety operations of client’s vessels.

The company has in its pool ready vessel complements who are specialized in various types of ships, particularly dust-free self-discharging belt-unloaders, transloaders, geared handy size and panamax bulkers, container ships, cement ships, product/chemical tankers and combination caustic/alumina bulkers (CABU).

Training and development of seafares play an increasingly important role in maintaining high quality crew in view of the requirements of the ISM, STCW codes and other convention rules and regulations. In-house training as required by each Principal are carried out within KMA office in which dedicated training rooms are available for lectures and seminars. Computer-Based Training (CBT) modules and shipboard IT knowledge-related upgrading programs forms part of company in-house training facility.

Routine procedures in the processing of seafarers are established in the company’s Quality Management Systems. A computerized testing system, CES 4000, has been implemented in addition to traditional methods for screening and recruitment at all ranks. The system uses a large question database to generate an objective test questionnaire based on rank, competence-based subject areas and type of vessel. Upon completion of the test sessions, various printed reports can be generated, particularly highlighting safety risk areas and topics not sufficiently mastered by the candidates. Hence, a basis for more objective seastaff assessment is established.

Through close relations with Clients, maritime institution and training canters, a dedicated programme for development of cadets is established to continuously maintain a pool of competent officers and ensure the company meets the expectation of its Principals.

Over the years,  KMA has developed a significant number of specialized personnel for operation of advanced bulk tonnages. At present, KMA seastaff also includes payloader and crane operator for self-loading /self unloading bulk carriers, specially trained and licensed personnel for operation of advanced top reclaimers, belt-unloaders, transloader, combined caustic alumina bulk carrier (CABUs).
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